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About Little Bundle & Why European Formula

Why does Little Bundle focus on infant formula?

With so much for new moms and dads to figure out, something as important as baby formula shouldn’t be as hard as it is. Our mission to make your baby’s health easy, and the quality of baby formula readily available in your local grocery store or on Amazon is not even close to what you—and your baby—deserve. We make high quality baby formula easily accessible, and we will continue to add new products that make it that much easier for parents to raise healthy, happy babies.

Why do you import from Europe?

Top European baby formulas—like the brands HiPP and Holle—are widely known to be the highest-quality baby formulas available in the world. These brands use only organic skimmed milk (cow and goat), lactose, and organic whey for carbs sources, not the corn syrup, glucose syrup solids, or sugar that you’ll find in most other brands in the US. They also contain essential prebiotics and probiotics, non-synthetic nutrients, and more.

Formula Preparation FAQs

Where are the preparation instructions?

You can view the preparation guide, feeding chart, and nutritional information for each formula on our website; simply scroll down to the "More Information" section on the product page.

Do I have to boil water?

We recommend that you use boiled water when preparing baby formula, in order to kill harmful bacteria that may be in the water or in the formula powder. We recommend that you bring at least one quart (approx. one liter) of water to a rolling boil. Leave the water to cool for no more than 30 minutes before adding the powder. Please always read the preparation instructions provided with your formula.

Where's my scoop?

If you purchased a formula that came in a box, then the scoop should be included in the box but outside of the silver packaging. 
If you purchased a formula that came in a tin, then the scoop is usually buried in the formula powder. We know this is not ideal, but it’s how the formula is packaged by the manufacturer. The best thing to do is to use a dry, sterilized spoon to dig the scoop out of the formula.

Do you have a feeding chart?

Yes, we do! Please see our feeding chart here.

Which setting should I use on my Baby Brezza machine?

All of our formulas are suitable for use with Baby Brezza products. Unfortunately, we are unable to advise about particular settings for the machine, but you can use the Global Settings Finder on their website to find the exact settings to use for your formula. Please consider reaching out to the customer service team at Baby Brezza if you have any specific questions about it.

Ingredient FAQs

What does it mean for infant formula to be organic?

If you read the ingredients in baby formulas available at your local grocery store in the US, you’ll probably be in for a big surprise. All kinds of substances make their way into baby formula that really shouldn’t ever be there. If you have any doubt, just try tasting it—you may even smell the metallic tones before you ever taste them. Even formulas marked as organic have processed refined sugars, synthetic preservatives, and synthetic nutrients, since US organic standards aren’t as stringent as in Europe. That’s why we only carry the best organic infant formula options available in the world. That’s the quality your baby deserves.

Are your products vegetarian-friendly?

Our Holle Goat Stage 1 & Stage 2 formulas are suitable for vegetarians as they do not contain any omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids from fish oil, and they do not contain any ingredients that have been processed with animal enzymes. The rest of our formulas have not been certified vegetarian as they contain omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids from fish oil and/or animal enzymes. Please note that none of our formulas are vegan, since they all contain either organic cow’s milk or organic goat’s milk.

The nutritional facts are not in English

You'll find the nutrition facts, preparation guide, feeding chart, and list of ingredients (in English) for each of the fomulas we carry on their respective product pages.

What is DHA?

Derived from fish oil, DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that’s essential for healthy brain function and cognitive development in babies and young children. Research indicates that DHA is crucial for promoting visual acuity, immune responses, and neural tissue growth. There are many fantastic benefits of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids like DHA. Specifically, studies have shown that omega-3 has a positive impact on cognition, learning, language, motor skills, and behavior in children.

Why was DHA added to the formulas?

Based on the findings of the latest scientific and nutritional research, the EU has decided that all formulas for babies up to a year old should contain the omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). If you’re interested in reading about the new requirements for infant and follow-on formula in their entirety, you can access the regulations in the Official Journal of the European Union.

When will you have the new DHA formulas in stock?

Over the coming weeks and months, we will begin stocking new versions of the same formulas that you know and love.

Transitioning FAQs

When should I be switching to formula?

There’s no right answer here, and only you know what’s best for you and your baby. Switch to formula whenever you feel ready, keeping in mind that you can transition slowly and use formula as a supplement to breast-milk for as long as you’d like.

When is the right time to transition from Stage 1 to Stage 2?

Usually, parents switch to Stage 2 formula when their baby is 6 months old. It's a rough age guideline but it basically means that your baby is ready for a higher amount of nutrients. The general taste should remain the same, but the formula includes more vitamins and minerals for your baby's higher weight. For example, usually Stage 2 contains more iron. However, as long as your baby is getting iron and nutrition from other sources like solid foods, you can stay on Pre or Stage 1 for a longer period of time. It's always best to speak to your doctor to find the right fit for you.

Shipping FAQs

Will I get charged for shipping?

Little Bundle shipping is completely free for orders over $50. If you need formula faster you can choose expedited shipping at an additional cost, for smaller orders (less than 12 boxes). At checkout, select the option for Expedited Shipping, which should arrive within 1 - 2 business days.

If I want formula faster, what can I do?

If you need formula faster we have expedited shipping options for single unit orders. At checkout select the option for Expedited Shipping which should arrive within 1 - 2 business days.

Do you ship internationally?

Right now we just ship within the continental U.S.

I ordered expedited shipping. Where is my order?

Please place your order before 12 pm PST (3 pm EST) to ensure that it will be mailed out on the same day; orders placed after this time are mailed out on the following day. We are closed on weekends, so please note that all orders placed on Saturdays or Sundays are mailed out on the following Monday. 

The estimated delivery time for Expedited Shipping is 1 to 2 business days.

Why can't I find my package if the carrier says it's delivered?

We're sorry to hear you haven't received your package. Please check with other members of your household, your building management, or your neighbors to see if they've placed the package elsewhere. If you are still unable to locate the package and it's been more than 24 hours after the carrier marked as delivered, please contact your shipping carrier to file a claim on the package as lost, missing, or stolen. After shipment, the carrier assumes responsibility for the package. Little Bundle Inc. is not responsible for packages that were missing or stolen after the shipping carrier tracking confirms it was delivered.

Why does my tracking show my bulk order is being shipped directly from Europe?

Due to the increased demand we have seen for our products, we have started shipping formula directly from Europe straight to our customers, to help fulfill larger orders, so that you always have enough formula at hand to feed your growing baby.

Do I need to sign for my package?

Only bulk packages need to be signed for. Since your bulk order is coming in directly from Europe, you will be required to sign for the delivery of your package.

Why is my package delayed?

Please note that bulk shipments come in directly from Europe and are delivered straight to your door. Though we have a delivery time frame of 1 - 5 business days, sometimes packages can be slightly delayed due to varying factors, such as fulfillment delays, shipping carriers being overloaded, bad weather and customs delays. Please reach out to our customer support team and we’d be happy to help you try to locate your package.

Will my packages have additional customs charges?

It is possible that since your package is being shipped from out of the country, there may be additional charges such as VAT and/or import taxes. These charges are not covered by Little Bundle Inc, and are the responsibility of the customer.

Please note, it is a good idea to inquire with your local customs or tax office about the additional charges before ordering.

My package is stuck in Customs. What do I do?

We’re so sorry to hear that your package is being delayed by customs. Please reach out to our customer support team and we’d be happy to assist you in trying to locate your package. 

Please note, Little Bundle Inc cannot contact customs on your behalf, but we are happy to guide you in the steps necessary to retrieve your package.

Do you deliver to P.O. Boxes?

We currently do not deliver to P.O. Boxes. Both FedEx & DHL do not deliver to P.O. Boxes, and these are our preferred shipping carriers for single & bulk packages.

Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii and other U.S. territories?

Yes! We can ship bulk packages with DHL to Alaska, Hawaii and other U.S. territories.
Unfortunately, FedEx cannot accommodate single unit shipments to these areas.

Are there any holidays that may delay shipments?

Please see the list below for the US & European holidays that may delay shipping.

For subscription or single-unit orders of 12 or less, the US holidays will be noted. 

For all large bulk orders (12 units or more) from Europe, please see the European chart for potential delays. 

All orders will be shipped out the following business day after a holiday.

US Holidays

January 1 - New Year’s Day

January 18 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day 

February 15 - President’s Day

May 25 - Memorial Day

July 4 - Independence Day

September 7 - Labor Day

November 26 - Thanksgiving

November 27 - Day after Thanksgiving

December 24 - Christmas Eve

December 25 - Christmas Day

European Holidays(German Holiday)

May 21 - Ascension Day

June 01 - Whit Monday

October 03 - German Unity Day

November 1 - All Saint’s Day

December 25 - Christmas Day

December 26 - St Stephen's Day / Boxing Day

General FAQs

How do I choose which formula is right for my baby?

Finding the right formula can be a little tricky. To help find the perfect formula for you, start with our Baby Formula Comparison Chart. If your baby is experiencing any issues like constipationgassiness, or spit-up, check out our Tricky Eaters Chart to see which formulas tend to work best for what you’re experiencing.

How do you store your baby formula?

We always strive to go above and beyond to provide the absolute highest quality product to parents buying our formula. Here are just a few ways we’ve ensured that the best formula gets to our you and your babies:

1. All of Little Bundle’s products are supplied from Northern Europe, where temperatures are relatively cool all year round.

2. Our products are shipped to us via air freight, which has shorter transport times and better temperature control than sea freight.

3. Our U.S. warehouse is regulated so that the temperature stays well below thresholds for safe formula storage, ensuring that our products remain in excellent condition.

4. We guarantee that our expiration dates, when you receive our product, will be at least six months away. We want you to have the freshest formula, which can be safely consumed even several months down the road.

Do you consider stocking formulas other than the ones you currently stock?

We do! We're committed to making it easy for you to get the best formula for your little one, and we're always on the lookout for new formulas to consider. We evaluate formulas thoroughly (for example, see our review of Loulouka formula), and only stock ones that we are confident Little Bundle parents and babies will love. If you have any request for formulas that you'd like to see us carry, let us know at!

I notice that toddler formula is suggested for infants on some sites. Should I consider this?

We would suggest being very careful with this. Using toddler formulas for infants is an off-label use of the product. The manufacturing controls and regulations for toddler formula are much lower than for baby formula, so safety of the product is less certain. If you do go this route, make sure you really trust the manufacturer and vendor.

How far out are your expiration dates?

We guarantee that all of our formulas have at least six months to go before the expiration date. We follow the “first in, first out” model when receiving inventory and sending out products, so boxes of formula don't remain in our warehouse for long. We replenish our stock frequently and we have new shipments coming in multiple times per week.

Can I supplement breast milk with Little Bundle products?

Yes, it’s very common to supplement breast milk with formula. You can supplement breast milk with all Little Bundle formula products.

Baby Satisfaction Guarantee FAQs

How does the Baby Satisfaction Guarantee work?

When trying a new formula, we recommend a transition period of 7-14 days to allow your baby’s digestive system to adjust to the new product. Check out our blog post to learn more about supplementing and transitioning your baby to formula. If the formula causes your baby any adverse effects, please let us know within 21 days of delivery. We will work with you to find a solution that fits your baby’s needs and provide you with a store credit equivalent to one single box of the formula you purchased.

Our Baby Satisfaction Guarantee policy only covers adverse reactions to our formula. Please note that the Baby Satisfaction Guarantee does not extend to babies who dislike the taste of the purchased formula.

Will I be refunded if my baby has a milk protein allergy?

Always consult with a pediatrician or certified professional before switching formulas. Our Baby Satisfaction Guarantee does not cover refunds for babies who were diagnosed with a milk protein allergy after switching to one of our formulas.

Does the Baby Satisfaction Guarantee cover Stage 3 formulas?

No, the Baby Satisfaction Guarantee does not cover Stage 3 formulas. The Baby Satisfaction Guarantee only covers Stage 1 & Stage 2 formulas.

With the Baby Satisfaction Guarantee, how long can I wait before requesting store credit?

As previously mentioned, when trying a new formula, we recommend a transition period of 7-14 days to allow your baby’s digestive system to adjust to the new product. Please check out our blog post, to learn more about supplementing or transitioning to a new formula. 

If your baby clearly has an adverse reaction to the purchased formula, please let us know within 21 days of delivery so that we can work with you to find a formula that better meets your baby’s needs. We will provide you with store credit equivalent in value to one box of what was previously purchased, so that you can try a new formula. Please note that the Baby Satisfaction Guarantee is only valid within 21 days of delivery.

Can I get a refund instead of store credit for the Baby Satisfaction Guarantee?

Our Baby Satisfaction Guarantee only provides you with a store credit equivalent to a single pack of the formula you previously purchased. No refunds will be given.


What does the Little Bundle formula subscription offer?

Little Bundle is now offering a monthly subscription on select products! By signing up for a subscription you will get:

- A 5% ongoing discount throughout your subscription.

- Guaranteed product shipped out to you every month - never run out of formula again!

- A flexible subscription that you can change or cancel at any time.

How does the subscription work?

By signing up for a subscription you will get:

- A 5% ongoing discount throughout your subscription.

- Guaranteed product shipped out to you every month - never run out of formula again!

- A flexible subscription that you can change or cancel at any time.

Just choose the Subscribe Monthly & Save option on select products. If that option is not available, we apologize - we do not offer a subscription on all products at this time. 

After selecting the subscription option, you will be able to choose how many boxes you want to receive each month. You’ll notice we have recommended a number of boxes that should be sufficient to feed a baby formula full-time. But every baby is different! Rest assured, you can change the amount you receive or skip a month at any time.

Finally, check-out as you normally would! After signing up, you can visit your account on Little Bundle at any time to manage your subscription.

Why are you only offering subscriptions on select products?

We want to ensure that customers who sign up for a subscription have guaranteed access to formula throughout their entire subscription. We are hoping to extend the subscription offering to more products on our website over the coming months.

What happened to bulk?

We know many of you love purchasing our bulk pack options. Never fear - our large packs (12 units and up) are still available from our fulfillment location in Europe! If you would like to purchase a smaller amount of formula or receive formula faster, you can also purchase Single Packs from our US fulfillment center, which delivers orders in 1-5 business days.

How can I Change, Cancel, or Skip a Month of my subscription?

You can visit your account on Little Bundle at any time to change the quantity, cancel, or skip a month. Just click on the Manage Subscription link. You can change, cancel, or skip a month anytime before your next order is scheduled to process. You can view your next processing date in your account, under Manage Subscriptions. If you encounter issues managing your subscription or need additional assistance, please contact our customer service team at any time.

What if I received too much formula in my monthly subscription?

You can make changes to your subscription anytime before your next order is scheduled to process. You can view your next processing date in your account, under Manage Subscriptions. There, you can change the number of formula boxes you want to receive per month, or skip a month altogether.

Can I cancel my subscription if it’s already processed?

We know babies aren’t exactly the quietest bunch when they’re hungry, and we want to get their food to them fast! That’s why we process, pack, and ship your subscription on your renewal date. Unfortunately, we cannot cancel subscription orders that have already been processed, however, you can change, cancel, or skip a month anytime before your next order is scheduled to process.

Visit your account on Little Bundle at any time to change the quantity, cancel, or skip a month. Just click on the Manage Subscription link. You can view your next processing date in your account, under Manage Subscriptions. If you encounter issues managing your subscription or need additional assistance, please contact our customer service team at any time.

Dented/Damaged Products

Why is the product damaged?

These products are imported from Europe and brought here via air freight. They then are processed through customs making their journey here a bit longer. The journey also involves more handling (i.e. unloading and loading of the shipment packages at different checkpoints). Therefore, oftentimes the boxes and cans of formula will dent or crease easily.

Is the formula still safe to use?

As long as the formula powder is still intact inside the foil sachets or the can then it is safe to use.

Are dented/damaged products eligible for the Baby Satisfaction Guarantee?

No, we do not allow the Baby Satisfaction Guarantee to be used for dented/damaged products.

Discontinued Formulas

What is the difference between the discontinued formulas and the current formulas?

There were changes in infant formula regulations made by the European Union in February 2020. These changes involve nutritionals ammendments to formulas sold across Europe. Notably, every formula is required to have a specific amount of DHA. Holle products never contained any DHA prior to February. HiPP products suitable to use from birth contained DHA, however, higher stage formulas such as Stage 2 and Stage 3 did not. After the regulation change, all stages and brands of formula sold in Europe now must have DHA. Our discontinued products are those products that were manufactured prior to this change in regulation and may contain lesser, or no DHA. You can read more details about these changes on our blog.

Can I add DHA to my baby’s formula?

You can. There are several DHA products available that are marketed for infants that many people use. However, we are not medical professionals, so we cannot make recommendations to use these products. Please consult with your baby’s doctor before adding anything to his or her bottle.

Is it still safe to use a discontinued formula?

Yes! These formulas were either manufactured earlier this year or late last year, and are still safe to feed your infant. Parents and caregivers have been using these versions for decades without any issues. However, if you have any questions regarding your baby’s nutritionals intake you should always consult with your baby’s doctor.

Are discontinued products eligible for the Baby Satisfaction Guarantee?

No, we do not allow the Baby Satisfaction Guarantee to be used for dented/damaged products.