Loulouka: Everything We Know So Far

Hi everyone! Over the last few months, many of our customers have asked us about Loulouka. New formula brands don’t come to market very often, so we were intrigued.

We're always focused on highlighting the best organic baby formula for our customers, so we did some research to learn more about the formula and decide whether it’s something we would recommend to parents and consider stocking. The questions we received had two major themes:

  1. What’s in Loulouka? Is the formula high-quality?
  2. Who makes Loulouka?

We took a look at both of these, and here’s what we found.

Loulouka Product

What’s in Loulouka?

We started our research project with a look at Loulouka’s ingredient list. It looks like the ingredients share a lot in common with some of the leading HiPP and Holle formulas, including organic certification and whey supplement. It doesn’t have prebiotics or probiotics, but it does have coconut oil instead of palm oil, which is nice.

Loulouka ingredient list, from loulouka.nl
Loulouka ingredient list, from loulouka.nl

Then we put all the ingredients in a Google search and found that ingredients seem to match Bimbosan, a Swiss formula.

Photograph from package of Bimbosan
Photograph from package of Bimbosan

Interesting. That leads us to believe that Loulouka may have the same manufacturer of Bimbosan. That would be good news since Bimbosan has been around for a while.

Who makes Loulouka?

As parents, we believe it is very important to understand the source of our children’s food. Since Loulouka just hit the market last year, the company has very little history. It’s well-documented that HiPP and Holle have both been perfecting organic farming and food production since at least the 1930s.

There are three founders of Loulouka, you can read more about one of the founders in this article, this article, and this Facebook post from Organic Start.

Loulouka Facebook post


Our takeaways

In terms of ingredients, Loulouka seems to have a lot in common with some top formulas. The formula certainly looks interesting but since it hasn’t been on the market for long, we will wait to hear more from customers and trials before stocking it.

It’s great to hear that new products are coming to market and at Little Bundle we love hearing more about great products we can offer one day.


  • Hi there, I noticed they are shipping as of March 2020, not sure if and when they stopped prior to that. Has there been an update to this post since October? Is there a follow-up planned to this post? I’d like to learn more.

  • Has there been any new information on loulouka?

  • Interesting indeed…. I literally started my search with organic start from a friend’s referral. After browsing the site I realized I couldn’t make any baby formula purchases, not only was every formula out of stock, it stated they don’t ship to U.S. Emailed their customer service to find out that they stopped selling all baby formulas within U.S. due FDA regulatory issues. A little disconcerting…

  • Have their been any updates on loulouka formula? I bought two boxes and really want to try it as it is the cleanest I’ve seen.

  • wqrt


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