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  • Formula Recommendations for Babies 6-12 Months

    Congratulations -- your baby is six months old! You’ve reached an important milestone in your little one’s infancy. Your baby may be sitting up, starting to stand, or even showing an interest in trying to crawl! You’ll probably have a growing assortment of toys, books, and games to stimulate your little one’s curiosity about the world. Whatever exciting antics your baby is getting up to, he or she will need plenty of fuel for this exciting stage of development.
  • Formula Recommendations for Babies 0-6 Months

    As every new parent knows, the earliest weeks of a baby’s life are an exciting and indescribably special time. From diapers to bath time to sleep routines, there’s a huge amount to do and think about. And, of course, feeding your baby is arguably the most important job you have as a new parent. 
  • Introducing Little Bundle's Team of Infant Nutrition Technicians

    If you’re a new parent, you can often feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and may be working through self-doubts about what is best for your baby. 

    Being informed and empowered makes it so much easier to get through those challenging early months functioning on zero sleep. This is especially true while coping with difficulties regarding your baby’s nutrition — this is where we come in!

  • Glass vs. Plastic Baby Bottles: Which Is Better?

    You’ve paid careful attention to the formula your baby drinks, making sure that it contains the nutrients your baby needs to thrive. And though you’ve spent countless hours making formula, have you given enough thought to the bottles your baby drinks from? There are so many to choose from -- whether designed to work in tandem with breastfeeding, created to help with gas, and even ones that are squeezable. But which is better overall -- glass or plastic?
  • Palm Oil in Baby Formula

    If you’ve ever looked at the ingredients list on the back of your little one’s formula, you’ve probably noticed that it contains palm oil. A quick rummage through your kitchen cupboards will confirm that palm oil is a key ingredient in many food items. So you may have wondered, is palm oil safe for a growing baby? Is it healthy? What about the environmental impact? And why is palm oil used in so many formulas, anyway? Read on to find out.
  • How Much Does Formula Feeding Cost?

    We know the price of supplementing or formula feeding may feel overwhelming. The good news? Purchasing organic, European baby formula is not as expensive as you might think! 

  • How Much Formula Does Your Baby Need?

    Many first-time parents worry that their little one is not getting enough formula, or is drinking too much. When you’re using a bottle rather than breastfeeding, there are a few calculations involved to determine the amount of formula your baby should be getting every few hours.
  • Best Organic Baby Formula: 2021 Buyers Guide

    Considering organic baby formula? Compare popular organic formula options and find the best baby formula to keep your little one healthy, well-fed, and happy.
  • Discussing Formula with Dr. Mona Amin of PedsDocTalk

    We reached out to some of our favorite medical providers (and baby experts on Instagram!) to get the scoop about formula feeding. Read as Dr. Mona Amin of @PedsDocTalk answers our most frequent questions

  • Should You Switch Formulas? Things to Consider

    It’s easy to wonder whether the formula you’re using is the right fit for your baby. Read on to review several considerations before making a switch.
  • Let's Talk About Sugar! Carb Sources in Infant Formula

    In this article we’ll break down common misconceptions about sugar and discuss how to choose a formula with an optimal carbohydrate source.

  • Liesel from Mommy Labor Nurse On Supplementing with Formula

    We reached out to our favorite medical providers (and baby experts on Instagram!) to get the scoop about why they chose to supplement or formula feed. Read on for Liesel Teen's journey with supplementing!