Celebrity Moms (and Babies) Who Love European Formula

Like all parents, celebrities want what’s best for their little ones. It should come as no surprise then that an increasing number of well-known moms are turning to European formulas such as HiPP and Holle to give their babies a great nutritional start in life.

From comedian Amy Schumer to reality stars Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, celebrities are discovering what we at Little Bundle have always known: organic European formulas provide excellent nutrition for all babies.

Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

Organic HiPP formula from Germany turned out to be a real lifesaver for Khloé Kardashian. The reality star tried her hardest to breastfeed her daughter, True and tried several tricks to increase her milk supply, including:

      • Consulting lactation specialists
      • Drinking extra water
      • Eating foods that are known to increase production
      • Getting massages
      • Power pumping

When True began losing weight, however, Khloé worried that she still wasn’t producing enough milk to keep her daughter fed.

Khloé heard about HiPP from her half-sister Kylie Jenner, who had a very positive experience feeding the organic formula to her own daughter, Stormi. Khloé was impressed with the glowing reviews of HiPP that she found online, and her doctor fully supported her formula choice.

True also struggled with acid reflux and using a specialty formula helped her keep her feeds down. According to Khloé,

“True had really bad acid reflux and there’s a kind that is thick and it works to coat her esophagus and stomach.” -Khloe Kardashian (metro.co.uk)

While we don’t know which formula she used, HiPP AR Anti-Reflux, which is thickened with locust bean gum to minimize spit-up, is Little Bundle’s go-to option for reflux in babies.

Supplementing with formula worked very well for True and allowed Khloé to monitor exactly how much milk her daughter was getting. Like many moms, it was a huge relief for Khloé to know that her daughter was getting enough to eat while also continuing to breastfeed. Khloé eventually transitioned to exclusively feeding with formula as True got older.

For a celebrity with as much media exposure as Khloé, she certainly seems to have kept a level head about her feeding choices! Although Khloé admits that she felt a huge amount of pressure to breastfeed (and was even subjected to online trolling about her decision to introduce formula), she is absolutely confident that she made the right choice. Khloé has also mentioned that she’s received a lot of support from other moms who have had similar experiences with their babies:

Khloé clearly admires moms who breastfeed for any length of time and supports each woman’s choice to feed her baby the way that feels right to her. In a conversation with her sister Kourtney, Khloé proclaimed,

“As long as you’re doing whatever’s the best for your child, that’s the most important thing.” -Khloe Kardashian (youtube.com)

We absolutely agree!

Amy Schumer

Writer, actress, and comedian Amy Schumer gave birth to her first child, Gene, in May 2019. As you might expect from her no-holds-barred comedy, Amy has been candid about her pregnancy and postpartum experiences.

In December 2019, Amy appeared as a guest on the Informed Pregnancy Podcast and revealed that she decided to stop breastfeeding due to difficulties latching. After pumping for about a month, Amy realized that although she felt proud of giving Gene colostrum and breast milk, it wasn’t what she wanted to do long-term. As such, she gradually began replacing her pumped milk with formula.

Having the support of friends with similar experiences came in handy for Amy, who is good pals with tennis star Serena Williams, the mom of two-year-old Olympia. Amy explained,

"We were giving him Similac and actually Serena Williams kind of yelled at me and was like, 'there's a lot of sugar in that' and even though it was great and he was meeting his milestones on Similac we switched him to Holle.” -Amy Schumer (people.com)

According to Amy, Gene thrived on Holle, a brand of organic formula from Germany that is completely free from the corn syrup, sucrose, and soy found in many American formulas.

Amy also had words of encouragement for moms who may find themselves at a crossroads about continuing to breastfeed:

"I really encourage women -- there's so much pressure to breastfeed but really, it's all in your head," Amy said on the podcast. "Some people absolutely love it and I'm so happy for them but it was bumming me out. Once it occurred to me that I could stop, I was like, 'I'm going stop.'" -Amy Schumer (stitcher.com)

The switch to formula feeding was a relief for Amy. And based on the revelations about her own feeding journey, it’s clear that Amy wants all moms to make the choice that’s right for them, whether that’s breastfeeding, finding a great formula that their baby loves, or something in between.

Eva Amurri

Eva Amurri is an actress, entrepreneur and blogger, as well as the daughter of Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon. She’s also a mom to three beautiful children: daughter Marlowe (born 2014) and sons Major (born 2016) and Mateo (born 2020).

In her Happily Eva After blog, Eva documented her complicated experiences with breastfeeding. She says,

I hear from so many women who are experiencing the ups and downs of breastfeeding...or how I dealt with the emotional decisions surrounding this feeding choice. I think breastfeeding can be a really confusing, emotional, and challenging subject– and I can totally relate to the myriad of feelings that can come with the breastfeeding experience.” -Eva Amurri (happilyevaafter.com)

In her blog, Eva is completely honest about her first child’s difficult feeding journey. At one week old, Marlowe needed a procedure to resolve her tongue-tie in order to better her latch, while Eva was producing so much breast milk that Marlowe was only getting the sugar-rich foremilk. This foremilk/hindmilk imbalance made her gassy and irritable.

Eva then decided to try “block feeding” so that Marlowe would get both the foremilk and the fattier hindmilk. However, this meant that Eva always had to pump the other breast while nursing. This was especially difficult when Eva began working as an actress again, particularly when she had to attend auditions and couldn’t schedule her work around a pumping or feeding schedule. She states,

When Marlowe was about three months old, I went back to work. I shot a movie and brought my pump to work with me. Let me just say, HATS OFF to all the women out there who pump at work for months upon months of time. It’s so so so so hard. The storing, the pumping, then fitting it into a hectic workday, the cleaning of the parts, the transporting of the milk home to your child. It’s a really hard thing.” -Eva Amurri (happilyevaafter.com)

Unfortunately, this irregular and demanding feeding schedule resulted in an extremely painful case of mastitis, followed two weeks later by shingles -- a clear sign that Eva was run down and needed to take care of herself and her body.

After much soul-searching, Eva decided that feeling stressed, guilty, and ill was not a healthy environment in which to raise her daughter. With the help of the pumped milk that she had frozen and the introduction of organic HiPP formula from the UK, Eva weaned Marlowe at four months and she did beautifully on the formula:

“I will tell you that my extreme feelings of guilt subsided as soon as I gave Lowie her first bottle of formula. She LOVED it. I think I had been expecting her to take one taste, look up at me, whisper “traitor” and hate me forever. But she gobbled it down and was totally normal for the rest of the day. I think my entire body breathed a sigh of relief.” -Eva Amurri (happilyevaafter.com)

Eva has since raved about how creamy and pleasant HiPP formula is, unlike the metallic-smelling formulas she had previously encountered.

More recently, Eva has blogged about her feeding journey with her son Major and how he successfully transitioned to the same HiPP formula when he was nearly three months old. In March 2020, Eva welcomed her third child, Mateo, and they are loving every minute of their time together!

Celebrities...They’re Just Like Us!

We are thrilled that these famous moms found an answer to their feeding challenges that they felt good about, and we want the same for you!

Whether you’re looking to supplement, combination feed, or exclusively formula feed, Little Bundle offers the high-quality formulas that both celebrity and non-celebrity moms love. Check out our Best Organic Formula Buyer’s Guide to find the formula that’s right for you!