Formula For Sensitive Eaters

How To Select The Right Baby Formula For A Sensitive Eater

If your little one has a sensitive tummy, finding the right formula isn't always straightforward. At Little Bundle, we recommend the following considerations:

  • Switching formula may sometimes lead to short-term discomfort. If you just switched to a new formula, consider waiting a little longer to see if the discomfort will pass.
  • Simply switching to an organic formula may often be enough to solve sensitivity. We recommend trying Holle Organic Stage 1 or 2 to start, as it is simpler with fewer ingredients, which often helps digestion.
  • If you think your little one is lactose intolerant or may have a milk-protein allergy, Holle Goat is a great alternative based on organic goat's milk.
  • HiPP Hypoallergenic formula includes hydrolyzed proteins to minimize allergenic impact and is generally the most effective at solving sensitive tummies. However, it is much more highly processed than the other HiPP and Holle products you'll find on Little Bundle, so you may want to try other options first.