Does it Matter how Baby Formula is Stored?

Parents often ask us how our baby formulas are transported and stored since these products are coming all the way from Europe. Our shipping and storage policies are designed to ensure that Little Bundle formulas always remain in excellent condition every step of the way.

We want to put parents’ minds at ease by sharing some research about proper formula storage and explaining how our supply chain guarantees that Little Bundle customers will always receive fresh boxes of formula with many months to go before the expiration date.

Can baby formula go bad in the heat?

In 2015, food chemistry researchers at the Sapienza University of Rome conducted a study to determine whether high temperatures in storage facilities would affect the stability of powdered infant formula. The researchers stored 30 formula samples at four different temperatures and monitored them over the course of a year.

Their findings indicate that there are several scenarios in which the quality of baby formula could become compromised due to improper storage.
  1. If the formula is stored at unusually high temperatures (ie. 55°C or 131°F) for two weeks or more.
  2. If the formula has been stored for a significant length of time, ie. beyond the expiration date.
  3. If the original packaging has been opened.

The researchers found that even when powdered formulas were stored at very warm temperatures (ie. 40°C or 104°F), they still exhibited “good stability of the analyzed products.”

Most importantly, the researchers concluded that it would take an extended period of storage in an extreme and unusual level of heat, such as 55°C (131°F), in order for the fats and oils in infant formula to become susceptible to autoxidation (spontaneous oxidation) and begin to break down.

Based on these findings, we can guarantee that Little Bundle products are never stored in such a way that would cause them to go bad. Our products are always kept in an environment that is significantly cooler than the temperature threshold suggested by this study. Furthermore, our formula is carefully monitored to ensure that all packaging is intact and that the boxes always have more than six months before their expiration date.

How does Little Bundle transport baby formula?

We are committed to ensuring our products are transported and stored in accordance to the highest quality control standards.

  • All of our products are supplied from Northern Europe, where temperatures are relatively cool all year round.
  • Little Bundle products are always shipped directly from our temperature controlled warehouse in Europe via air freight, which has a very short transport times and better temperature control than sea freight.

How does Little Bundle store powdered baby formula?

The above being said, our team at Little Bundle always strives to go above and beyond to provide the absolute highest quality product to parents buying our formula. Besides sourcing the best products, and shipping via air freight, our team works hard to ensure that our customers and their babies always receive boxes of formula that are in perfect condition.

  • Our warehouse is regulated so that the temperature stays well below the threshold for safe formula storage, ensuring that our products remain in excellent condition.
  • We guarantee that when you receive a box of formula from Little Bundle, the expiration date will be at least six months away. We want you to have the freshest formula that can be safely fed to your baby for months on end.

    Our team takes quality control very seriously throughout our entire supply chain. And we always want to hear from our customers if they have questions or concerns about our company, products, or any aspect of the transport and storage process. Please feel free to contact us any time; we will reply within one business day.