All About HiPP Diapers!

Did you know that industry leader HiPP sells more than just baby formula? That’s right! HiPP produces a variety of organic and high-quality products to serve the needs of infants in Europe and beyond. While you may be familiar with HiPP formulas, this blog will tell you everything you need to know about their top-of-the-line diapers.

Benefits of HiPP Diapers

HiPP diapers are specially designed to protect the most sensitive skin! They include soft, fleece-like material and more importantly, they do not include lotions, fragrances, chlorine and dyes. This makes HiPP diapers incredibly skin-friendly! They keep the skin reliably dry for a long time (even at night!) without the undesirable additives that you’ll find in conventional diapers.

HiPP’s goal is to reduce the stress that often comes from a poorly-fitting, smelly, uncomfortable diaper! As such, they offer the following benefits:

  • Extra soft and breathable materials: Ideal for sensitive baby skin!
  • Especially skin-friendly: Made without perfume, lotion, dyes or natural latex, and gently bleached without chlorine
  • Optimal fit and leakage protection: Diapers include secure closures and flexible adjustment to legs and abdomen. Closures are firmly attached to each diaper-- no more accidentally ripping off the tabs by accident!
  • Optimal comfort: Designed with an umbilical protection neckline and with a wetness indicator to know when a change is needed
  • Keeps dry reliably: High level of absorbance for day and night. Diaper features unique wetness channels and a long, super absorbent core for dryness up to 12 hours.
  • Sustainable production: One of our favorite benefits! HiPP diapers are very eco-friendly. Made in Germany through the use of renewable energies including pulp from FSC-certified sources. Additionally, 40% of the packaging is made from recycled plastic bags!

What are Eco Diapers?

Disposable diapers that are environmentally friendly are commonly referred to as “eco diapers.” Unlike conventional diapers, eco diapers are largely made of biodegradable materials like FSC-certified pulp.

While there is no single criteria for what makes a diaper “eco-friendly,” the following characteristics should be evaluated:

  • Use of renewable energies
  • Support of global climate protection projects
  • Certification as climate- or carbon-neutral
  • Use of certified pulp by FSC
  • Tested for harmful substances
  • Manufactured without unnecessary cosmetic additives

What Makes HiPP Diapers Unique?

HiPP diapers are the most environmentally-friendly diapers on the market! HiPP uses renewable resources, manufacturing their diapers in Germany using 100% renewable energies. In fact, HiPP has been awarded the Blue Angel Seal, the KLIMA Neutral seal, and the Standard 100 by OEKO TEX Seal for their sustainable and environmentally-friendly production.

What is the Blue Angel Seal?

The Blue Angel award is an environmental label organized by the federal government of Germany for the protection of both the people and the environment. 

This environmental seal requires that brands meet independent, credible, and demanding standards for environmentally-friendly products. For eco diapers, this means:

  • Cellulose must come from 100% sustainable forestry, e.g. be FSC-certified
  • Pulp must not be bleached using elemental chlorine
  • Diapers must be free from harmful substances and cosmetic additives
  • Quality and usability must be proven through various tests

What is the KLIMA Neutral Seal?

This seal identifies products from manufacturing facilities that are CO2 carbon-neutral. This means that 100% green, renewable energy is used. The bag that contains HiPP diapers is also made from 40% recycled plastic to support this effort!

What is the Standard 100 by OEKO TEX Seal?

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles that do not contain harmful substances. Products with this seal are known for high levels of safety! By awarding this seal, OEKO-TEX has certified HiPP diapers as a health-safe textile product.

Parents Love HiPP Diapers!

Here’s just a sample of the feedback from HiPP’s website about why parents love these diapers. We’ve included these here in translated form since we can’t expect you to speak or read German!

"I'm really thrilled! The diapers are super soft, don't smell unpleasant and the design is simply beautiful! They adapt really well and leave enough freedom for movement because they're so thin. Absolutely great!"

"HiPP doesn't lie when they declare the diapers as "extra soft". These are by far the softest diapers we have ever had!"

"The diapers never leaked. On the contrary, even on some 12-hour nights nothing leaked and the little butts were nice and dry too!"

"A very soft diaper with a super cute design that can be used unisex. We are very satisfied and are happy to recommend it and use it ourselves."

"A great breathable diaper - you have a good feeling as a parent using these."

"I love these diapers! They have a super cute design, are nice and soft and a perfect fit."

"I am really very enthusiastic about these diapers! Above all, they held tight at night despite stool and urine, even though the diapers are so thin, which other brands cannot compete with."

Interested in trying out HiPP Diapers?

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