Little Bundle Customer Reviews

Parker Wilson

Mother of 3, NC

When my daughter was born, I struggled to produce enough milk for her. On top of that, she had severe food intolerances which meant I had a very restricted diet; as a result, our feeding journey felt long and lonely. When my twin boys were born, I was miraculously able to produce plenty for both, but they showed signs of food intolerances as well. I felt defeated, and worse than that, I felt like I was stuck with formulas that had ingredients I wasn’t thrilled about.

I am so grateful I stumbled upon Little Bundle and your phenomenal staff. This is truly an incredible company! Thank you for making formula feeding a loving and compassionate process. When doctors aren’t helpful, it’s clear your team truly cares. All any mom wants is a happy baby (and in my case, babies). I only wish I had Little Bundle’s support years ago with my girl!