Little Bundle Customer Reviews

Marisa Friendmann

Mother of 3, NJ

I have 2 older children and work full-time-- going back to diapers and bottles after 9 years was both beautiful and stressful! As much as I hoped for a smooth breastfeeding journey, it just wasn't practical for me. I started searching for an organic formula and found Little Bundle. I love that their formulas have clean ingredients and DHA, and I selected HiPP Dutch as it has prebiotics and probiotics as well! I decided to order from Little Bundle because their reviews were the best by far. Little Bundle’s customer service is truly exceptional; they always come through without fail even when I reach out in a panic. My baby is now 7 months (exclusively formula fed) and is the happiest, most joyful little guy, and I immediately felt relief when I introduced formula. Knowing that my baby is safe, healthy, and getting the best I can give him-- it’s all I need. I’m so grateful for Little Bundle!