Little Bundle Customer Reviews

Dannie Zou

Mother of 1, NY

The decision to stop breastfeeding was exceptionally emotional and difficult for me. However, discovering the wonderful Holle Goat formula -- and a caring, efficient retailer like Little Bundle-- definitely made my feeding journey easier.

The Holle Goat was recommended by a friend who specializes in nutrition, and it was a great choice for my son. Bryce had trouble putting on weight when he was very young, but he immediately began gaining appropriately when he started on Holle Goat at two months. He continued to thrive after transitioning to Stage 2 at six months, and he never had constipation or any other digestive issues. Bryce graduated from formula after his first birthday and is now a happy and healthy toddler!

I’m really glad I took the advice of other parents on the HiPP & Holle Formula Parent Support Group on Facebook and ordered from Little Bundle. They’ve been so helpful every step of the way. Little Bundle’s customer service representatives provided fast, thoughtful, and kind responses to all of my many formula questions. They even offered me a rushed delivery when I found myself low on formula due to a shipping error, so that my son’s feeding wasn’t interrupted.