Little Bundle Customer Reviews

Christy Musser

Mother of 1, OR

Like many new moms, I was determined to exclusively breastfeed after my daughter Maddie was born. However, after trying for two weeks, Maddie was getting fussy and I was exhausted from nursing 20 times a day. She dropped from the 52nd percentile at birth to the 18th percentile at 2.5 weeks. It turned out that Maddie had a tongue-tie, which took some time to address, so we decided to start supplementing with formula.

We chose Holle after extensive research and consultation with Maddie’s pediatrician, partly because organic formula regulations are much better in Germany. We also tried a few organic U.S. formulas, but Maddie could immediately tell the difference and she didn’t like the taste. She absolutely loves Holle, though! Not long after we started supplementing, she soared up to the 96th percentile in height and weight!

I came across Little Bundle while searching for affordable places to purchase Holle formula. Maddie has been on Holle for 7 months now, and we always buy from Little Bundle. Of all the companies that sell Holle, Little Bundle has the most user-friendly website. They always have the formula I want, with really fast delivery!

I hope other moms can learn from my experience and avoid the guilt that often comes with trying to exclusively breastfeed. I have learned that, above all, FED is best. Combining breastfeeding, pumping, and Holle formula was definitely the best choice for my family. It really helped take the pressure off and has made my relationship with Maddie even better!

Thank you, Little Bundle, for making this possible!