Little Bundle Customer Reviews

Alejandra Feorg

Mother of 2, MI

It was such a stressful and traumatic experience when I had to stop breastfeeding my son James, who is now four. To make matters worse, we tried numerous formulas, but they all made him constipated. Finally, we found HiPP Dutch. Unlike those other formulas, HiPP never made him constipated and he gained weight beautifully! I also tried to breastfeed my daughter Lucia, who is now seven months, but had to make the difficult decision to stop early on, due to vasospasms and D-MER. Naturally, HiPP Dutch was my first choice for Lucia. She thrived on Stage 1, and has now progressed to Stage 2!

I’m so grateful to have learned about Little Bundle from The Picky Eater blog. Purchasing from Little Bundle has been excellent! The website is easy to navigate, delivery is fast and free, and the products are priced fairly. But most important of all is their customer service, which is among the best I have ever encountered. All of the customer service reps I’ve corresponded with have been supportive, helpful, and kind. They have truly cared about any concern I’ve brought up. Every baby is different, and Little Bundle’s team members will make sure that you find a formula that is compatible with your baby’s unique needs.