Introducing Little Bundle's Team of Infant Nutrition Technicians

If you’re a new parent, you can often feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and may be working through self-doubts about what is best for your baby. 

Being informed and empowered makes it so much easier to get through those challenging early months functioning on zero sleep. This is especially true while coping with difficulties regarding your baby’s nutrition — when you’re covered in what seems like endless spit-up and plenty of questionable poops. What’s even more disappointing is encountering companies that don’t seem to have that caring vibe that helps soothe the frustrations a little. 

What parents need from customer service is product knowledge, attentiveness and guidance while feeling like they have a support system always at the ready. Our Customer Success Team members are not only fellow parents, they are Certified Infant Nutrition Technicians. In order to provide stellar customer experience in the baby formula industry, the entire Customer Success Team (yes, every member!) is Certified in Infant Nutrition: From Breastfeeding to Baby’s First Solids by Deakin University. This course explored topics such as the importance of both breastfeeding and formula in meeting infants’ nutritional requirements, how to introduce babies to solid foods, and how much and how often to feed them as well as how to approach a picky eater. However, it is important to note that our team members are not medical professionals and always advise consulting with a Pediatrician before switching formulas.

This certified team includes trained Product Specialists (including a Biochemist with over four years experience in European formula!). With this powerhouse, they created a specially curated formula survey for new parents to take in order to learn personalized details about their baby and ensure our team gives the best formula recommendation possible. Between the certifications and highly skilled staff, you are not just reaching out to the common customer service rep — you are working with true professionals.

Our team members are always an email or live chat away, to put tired minds at ease and give the best European formula recommendations —  a nice perk to shopping with us. 

“I wanted to find a formula that was soy free, so I just typed that into Google and came across Little Bundle! It was heartbreaking not to be able to produce enough breast milk for my two babies, but Little Bundle’s fantastic customer service team reassured me that there were some great options for soy-free and chemical-free formula,” Michae Smith, a Little Bundle customer, said in one of our Little Bundle Customer Service Reviews. “I learned all about the Holle and HiPP brands over the course of MANY conversations with Little Bundle’s amazing customer service representatives.”

They provide advice, support, and European formula recommendations to formula-feeding families in order to find the right formula for their baby. They are a group of caring, humorous, and empathetic individuals who make it their mission to help others in a compassionate way — many times going above and beyond, which customers like Heather Macklin appreciates. 

“Like all new moms, I’ve had a lot of questions, and it’s been comforting to have Little Bundle’s support during this beautiful, sleepless, and sometimes stressful time. I’ve consistently received timely, knowledgeable answers on all aspects of feeding my babies, from real people who are moms themselves and feel more like trusted friends than customer service reps,” she said in our Little Bundle Customer Service Reviews. “My orders have been delivered surprisingly quickly, and the formula always arrives with expiration dates far into the future.”

At Little Bundle we are passionate about being a partner in parenthood, not just to our customers, but to all parents. That’s why our team also proudly supports over 21,000 parents in our Parent Support Community on Facebook. There you will encounter  parents just like you — navigating this world of infant nutrition and European formula brands but also find solidarity in their formula feeding journeys, general parenting situations, advice, and support. 

The Little Bundle Customer Success Team is not just going through the motions as they serve you and our community. You’re not just getting a person answering a chat when you have a concern  —  you’re reaching a fellow mom, a Certified Feeding Technician with an empathetic ear on the other side. A family’s formula-feeding journey is so personal, unique, and can be challenging. We at Little Bundle are proud to have a team that can help guide you along the way. 

We're here to help.

Still feeling a little unsure? Use our live chat or send us a message. Our Customer Success team of Infant Nutrition Technicians have a top priority to help you provide the best nutrition for your little one.

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